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BVCR - Bombeiros Voluntários de Cabo Ruivo


This VFD was founded in 1977. Similarly to the VFDs Ajuda, Campo de Ourique and Beato e Olivais, the designation adopted clearly indicates the primary territorial scope of intervention that was intended, this being the north-eastern District of Lisbon that was once its vibrant inner industrial and warehousing core.


Starting from a rather humble set or resources, with regard to both facilities and equipment, this FD has quickly found the ways of putting into operation a number of apparatus and one makeshift fire-house, out of which response was provided under the strands of both Health Care and Fire-fighting. With regard to the Health Services’ line of action, following the traditional pattern of the Portuguese VFDs (ie: securing response on patient transportation, in cases of illness or accident), this FD has adopted the co-designation of Cruz Amarela-the Yellow Cross as it conspicuously shows in its crest.


In more recent years the VFD Cabo Ruivo has substantially diversified its operational resources, in terms of preventive and emergency response, which currently cover such domains as water rescue and forest fire-fighting (even a cycle-operated first-aid patrol…). This reflects a remarkable improvement with regard to the original status and capabilities.


According to what was found the archives of this FD have been totally destroyed by accident. As a consequence most of the images and descriptions available from public sources usually concern facts that are dated beyond the time-frame set for this platform (in this particular case the eligibility period would only be 1977 to 1979, anyway). Therefore such inputs may not be used, despite the evidence of modernisation and progress. Notwithstanding, through the excellent cooperation received by the FD, it was possible to tentatively date and describe the content of some of the older images available, although errors and gaps are likely to have occurred. In this context all additional contributions and comments, namely from former volunteers or officials are highly appreciated and most welcome anytime in the future.


For the purpose of coordinating operations between the then BSB and the VFD Cabo Ruivo, the latter was assigned in 1982 the complementary co-designation of Lisbon’s 5tht Auxiliary Division of Fire Services (as it shows in one of the images herein), which cumulated with the 1978 co-designation already assigned for the capacity of one of Lisbon’s Auxiliary First-Aid Division, for the Health Service component, although it is not clear which serial number was then conferred under this category (hypothesis: #3, after the VFD Cruz de Malta and the VFD Beato e Olivais, by this order).


Ref# 1: F. H. Santos (Coord.); Bombeiros Portugueses-seis séculos de história (2 vols). SNB/LBP, Lisboa 1995

Ref# 2: http://www.bombeiroscaboruivo.com/




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