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Background information

Details about equipment and uniforms visible in the images

Standardized hose for Lisbon ( and southern Country in general)

Portuguese style pompier ladder (access to windows and balconies in higher floors): made of hard wood with 2 metallic hooks; consists of 13 steps distributed along 2 interconnected sections of circa 2 meters each; for transportation purposes both parts fold

into one single block


Cylindrical lockers for storage of hose rolls and other equipment, including the canvas sleeve escape (25m; aka the Geneve escape)

Firefighter helmets-old style (brass and leather, the latter with parade ornament; typical crest: the Phoenix); brass was used by VFDs and leather by the BSB; on every case the helmets sported the crest of the FD concerned

In-doors soft hat and it typical symbol (FF)

All time Kepi (Fire Chief,VFD)

In-doors soft hat and it typical symbol (FF)

 Out-doors soft hat (Fire Chief,VFD)

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